How to Order


1. Any requested order should be send via fax or e-mail to
2. MFE will send price list and stocklist through fax or email.
3. Order should be made through MFE’s stock list.
4. The customer confirm MFE’s proforma invoice.
5. The customer send the payment by TT, wire transfer or western union.
6. After MFE received the customer’s advanced payment from the proforma invoice, MFE will prepare the fish.
7. MFE will send the customer’s order as soon as next available confirmed space.
8. MFE will inform customer about the flight information.
9.Any documents will be sent 24 hours-36 hours before arrival.


Packing Charges : US$10.00/Box (Standard Box)
Health Certificate & Handling Charges : US$100.00/Shipment
Freight Rate : depending on Destination, Airlines and Weight
Certificate of Origin ( Form – A ) : US$30.00( if required )
Payment : Advanced payment

D.O.A. Claim :

MFE accept D.O.A no more than 36 hours after arrival of the shipment.
MFE do not accept any D.O.A claim if there is flight delay.
Flight delay can be claimed to the airline.
D.O.A claim must be attached within the picture of D.O.A.
MFE do not accept below 5% D.O.A.
The replacement will be processed on the next shipment.